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Remote Desktop Surveys Made Easy!

The perfect app for solar sales-teams and installers who wish to do remote-roof surveys before visiting site to confirm roof dimensions and angles.

Use Apple or Google maps and satellite imagery to easily locate and measure a potential roof for suitability of a solar-PV or thermal installation.

Using zip/postcode or partial or full address to find the desired roof. Quickly identify the roof to be measured, easily indicate the surrounding rectangle of the roof, enter the roof's pitch and instantly get the roof width, ridge-to-gutter distance, azimuth and surface area.

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who we are
With over 30 years of computer development experience and 5 years of hands-on installation experience of renewable products, Alphatronix are the number one development company for mobile apps for use by renewable installation professionals.
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Contact us
Telephone: +44 (0)7941 385397
what we do
Our intention is to bring quality mobile apps to the renewable industry. We produce general and bespoke B2B apps for sales and installation companies wishing to bring a professional edge